Why The Tools That Are Supposed to Make Your Business Easier Are Failing, Draining Your Bank Account, and Making You Feel Bad about Yourself (and how to change all that)

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There is a virus out in the internet that is sucking the lifeblood out of your business every day.

I don’t mean to alarm you. … Well, screw that. Yes I do. Because it’s important that you are aware of this problem so that you can avoid it. Save yourself the time. Protect yourself from closing the doors to your business. And inoculate yourself from inevitable future attacks.

The Lie

Every day in your inbox and on your Facebook feed, you are told about a new, amazing software tools that will make “ALL the difference to your business.”

  • Infusionsoft will put your business on autopilot. Just sit back and watch the money roll in.
  • ClickFunnels will do most of what Infusionsoft does, but for cheaper.
  • GotoWebinar lets you create the perfect teaching infomercial that you can deliver to hundreds of prospects at once.
  • LeadPages lets you create landing pages with just a few clicks.
  • EverWebinar lets you automate your recorded webinars. Again, sit back and let the dough flow.
  • MailChimp, AWebber, and ConvertKit (and the like) has automation to step up your email game to your list.

I could go on and on…

As you’ve read that, one of two things happened…

You thought to yourself, “Yep. I have a few of those. They didn’t work for me. Now those tools just sit and collect cyber dust. I’m not using them. Still getting charged my monthly fee, though. Crap.”

Or, in the second scenario, you looked at that list and thought, “Oh, wow! Those sound so cool! I need to google those and check them out right now! I could definitely use that for my business!”


Don’t get distracted by these squirrels just yet.

Remember, I want to inoculate you from sinking your money into a black hole of online products.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have these tools. (I have many of them.) What I am saying is that you shouldn’t have these tools BEFORE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT MAKES THEM ACTUALLY WORK FOR YOU.

The marketing message for each of these programs is that they are solutions. But they’re not. They are tools.

These tools are designed to SUPPORT the fundamental driving force of your business: YOUR MESSAGE.

They are not solutions in and of themselves.

If you are missing mastery in your message, NONE of these tools will save you or your business.

If you have these tools and they aren’t working for you, it’s because the message component is lacking in some way.

Without understanding buyer psychology and influential communication, no tool, no automation, and no point-and-click solution will grab the attention of your desired customer.

Look, I get it. New software “solutions” are shiny. They’re sexy. They promise a better life.

But don’t get bit by the bullshit bug.

Be honest with yourself.

Here is how to know if you and your message are ready for these tools.

Do you have a clear Objective?

Having these tools ONLY works if you know your desired outcome. Everything you put out there – email, blog, video, phone call, webinar, etc. – should have a singular objective, some action you want your audience to take.

Without a clear objective, your message will stay nebulous, you will send things out on a whim, and there will be no cohesion or direction. Which means that your reader will, at best, not take action and, at worst, ignore you and forget you.

The bottom line is that you won’t see your bottom line rising without a purpose behind your message.

So What Kinds of Objectives Do You Need?

The most obvious objective is the Call to Action (CTA)  

“BUY NOW” Or “CLICK HERE to Sign Up!”

Here are a few problems you’re likely to run into with your CTA:

  • Not having one.
    Most entrepreneurs fail to make the ask!

    Usually this happens because you are afraid that if you make the ask, your audience will be upset. You’re afraid of seeming salesy. So, you talk around your offer.

    You hope that you’re people will get your content and love it so much that they will be so highly compelled to reach out to you and say “Shut up and take my money!”

    But it don’t happen, darlin’.

    If you don’t have a clear Call To Action, then people will not know how to do business with you.
  • Building Your Case
    Here’s how your Call to Action can lose its power… Imagine you’re talking to someone face to face. You chit chat about the weather, topics in the news, and the latest restaurant you went to, when all of a sudden you blurt out, “Oh! By the way! I’ve created this awesome product. You should totally buy it. Don’t you want to buy it? Buy it!”

    Sounds like something you wouldn’t do, right?

    Then why would you do the same thing in your email campaigns, webinars, or social media posts?????

    Cuz, uh, most of you are.

    Without your clear objective, your posts are stream of consciousness. They’re about what’s on your mind lately, something you saw that inspired you, and a random rant about something that got your panties in a twist. Then, out of nowhere, you say “HEY! BUY THIS!”

    Stop. It.

    If you know you’re going to be promoting something, ask yourself:
    – what are the current struggles my prospect has that tie into the product I’ll be promoting?
    – what beliefs do they hold that are currently holding them back?
    – what do they believe to be true that I need to debunk?

    The answer to these questions (and similar ones) can all be articles, social media posts, videos, or webinars.

    That way you are priming your market to be ready and anticipating what you are going to sell. Not just slapping them in the face with a random CTA.

Your message is strengthened when you point it toward a specific goal.

Without that goal, every software you purchase will be useless to you.

Point-and-Click Still Requires Purpose

Entrepreneurs mistakenly believe that if you create something awesome and describe that awesomeness in all its glory, then people will buy it. This is most common in product development, course creation, and book writing. I can’t tell you the number of new authors I know who finish writing their book and THEN think about how to market it.

The marketing message is created in tandem with the product development.

As you are creating your product, you should, at the very least, have a list of blog posts, social media ideas, webinars, videos topics, etc that will roll out when you go into promotion phase.

Otherwise, you have created your awesome thing, and now you’re scrambling to come up with content to promote it. But, because you’re in that scramble, the message is disjointed and lacks finesse.

No tool or software can save you from poor planning with your message.

Can You Follow (and Lead) Their Train of Thought?

Another reason why so many people fail after buying the point-and-click tools is because they have yet to learn how to get in the minds of prospects.

They think that they need to get their prospects from A (where they are) to B (buying the offer).

But that is rarely the case.

You are actually attempting to get your prospect from A to B, C, D, E, F, THEN G (buying your offer).

Your content and promotion needs to hold the hand of your prospect and walk them down a path that changes the way they think, and changes the way they feel, so that you can change their behaviour, which is triggered by the act of making the purchase.

The only exception to this is if what you are selling is a low-barrier offer. Like that shiny ring you bought at the flea market for 99c. There isn’t much convincing needed because there is little risk involved. If you don’t like the ring, oh well. You only lost 99c. No big deal.

But if you’re wanting to sell high-ticket coaching or products, then you need to become skilled at this guiding process.

Now, here is an exception to the exception I just mentioned. (Whoa, we’re like 3 layers into the dream now!)

You can absolutely use your low-barrier offer AS PART of your larger guiding process. Like a 99c ebook. Or a $3.99 trial period. Or a $7 guide.

To the average person, these might look like small one-off items that you sell, but behind the scenes, you know that they are still in your campaign that is guiding them to the real offer.

Automating this kind of campaign is how the tools I mentioned earlier can help you. But, unless you know the psychological triggers you need to hit in such campaigns, once again, your message and those tools will fail to serve you.

Each piece of your campaign should touch on at least one of these mindset stepping stones:

  • Anchoring the frustration or fear
  • Changing a belief
  • Calling on their higher self
  • Building rapport
  • Establishing your credibility
  • …and, of course, the CTA

If your message isn’t DESIGNED to hit these points throughout a campaign, then you can point-and-click all day long with any tool you like, but you won’t see the conversions that you deserve.

If you’re an entrepreneur who has been disillusioned by the shiny software offers out there, please know that you’re not alone. Heck, you gotta give credit to the people who got you to buy them in the first place!

But I hope that by now you realize that their tool isn’t what got you to buy their tool.

It. Was. Their. Message!

And if the tools haven’t been working for you, it’s because you haven’t been fueling them with the driving power of a compelling message.

Sorry to burst any bubbles out there. I know that the point-and-click world is seductive. But the real work happens before you ever start pointing and clicking. The magic always lies in your message.

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