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Inspiring Industry Leaders to Amplify Their Influence

Mindset, frameworks, techniquess for creating mindful & intentional message strategies. 

When Your Words Mean Business…

Industry experts want to be influential because strategic messaging attracts the best clients and increases sales. And yet, subject matter experts struggle to share (and scale) their expertise.


Because a handful of communication mistakes and limiting beliefs are holding them back. 

Sharí’s interactive programs help audiences see what their message strategy might be missing. Invite Sharí to speak at your next meeting so that your group can learn the tools, processes, and perspectives that will help them create the impact they envision for themselves and their industry.

Keynotes & Workshops

Thieves of Influence:

Why Relationship-Driven Professionals Struggle to Scale Their Brand (& What to Do About It)

In this program, Sharí reveals what prevents subject matter experts from creating an influential message strategy for their brand. These 5 thieves of influence steal away opportunities by preventing experts from showcasing their services and scaling their knowledge. 

Your audience can protect themselves (and their message) from these sneaky thieves with the principles and tools inside this program:

  • The first step for making a message more influential

  • Comparison traps to avoid when creating your message strategy
  • Why relationship-driven professionals with strong networks struggle more when scaling their expertise
  • Creative and practical needs for business-building message strategies

  • Winning the internal game of influence

Don’t be robbed from having an influential voice in your industry. Join Sharí Alexander as she unpacks how subject matter experts can enjoy the successes that come from a message that serves your niche and your business at the same time

Wisdom & Influence:

Thought Leadership Strategies for Relationship-Driven Experts


Today’s multi-channel, multi-media marketplace presents modern thought leaders with many opportunities and many challenges with their message. On one hand, you can broadcast your message in just about any way imaginable. On the other hand, the options quickly become overwhelming and time-consuming, with often minimal results. 

Sharí Alexander has spent her career helping experts transform knowledge into scaleable thought leadership campaigns that attract niche ideal clients. 

In this program, audiences learn the creative practices and practical tools needed (both online and IRL) for creating authentic thought leadership that scales.  This is a great program for relationship-driven experts who struggle in capturing the magic they create in their work and applying it to their marketing and outreach. 


  • Habits and mindset for a message that scales
  • Protecting your bandwidth and getting off the content hamster wheel
  • Building a message strategy that serves people first, not algorithms
  • Aligning your message to your strengths, your niche, and your brand

For organizations seeking to provide more of an individualized transformational experience, Sharí offers custom half-day to multi-day workshops. 

Sharí works with her workshop clients to identify which program (or a mix of programs) is best to meet the needs and goals you have for your audience. 

In addition to learning frameworks and techniques, audiences will benefit from the conversations Sharí facilitates – guiding groups on how to find their unique influential message and the strategies needed for making the impact they seek. 

Workshop topics can include, but are not limited to:

  • Influential VIBES: building a deeper understanding and empathy for your target audience(s) so that your message matches their experiences and desires
  • Thought Leadership SOPs: building custom strategies for inbound marketing and seamless, scaleable sales
  • Integrated Influence: a personal journey for how to be influential in an aligned and authentic way – and clearing mental roadblocks that stifle potential
  • Eventful Influence: strategies that maximize your time and efforts when attending, networking, sponsoring, and speaking at events 
  • …additional topics are available

Contact Sharí to learn how a facilitated workshop can be the education and experience your group needs to influence and impact their industry. 



“Sharí presents the nebulous concept of influence with such clarity that everyone walks away with specific steps on how to level-up their own persuasive skills…and feel inspired to do so! Everyone can learn something from her programs.”

Mary Rogers

Director of Sales / Cox Group

“Sharí is clearly an expert on influence and communication skills. She quickly engaged the audience and lead an interactive and informative session.”

Rachel Karu

Association of Training and Development

“Sharí provided some great information that I can use immediately. She kept my attention and made me laugh several times!”

Carl Foster


“Our group learned exactly how to communicate with a goal. Sharí’s practical tools for becoming a powerful influencer apply both professionally and personally.”

Tera Haramoto

LA County Women’s Conference

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