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Inspiring Industry Leaders to Find & Amplify Their Influential Voice

Frameworks,  techniques, and mindset shifts for being more mindful & intentional with your message. 

When Words Mean Business…

At its essence, influence is communication with a goal. And every day, industry leaders need to be influential – especially, in sales, client relationships, & team management. Sharí’s interactive programs teach audiences frameworks, techniques, and mindsets for communicating influentially & authentically when the message really matters

Keynotes & Workshops

The Thieves of Influence:

Hidden Reasons Why We Don’t Make the Impact We Desire

People who seek to be more influential are seeking to make a difference – to be the catalyst for positive change within their organization & communities. And that’s why it’s so disheartening when a message doesn’t “click” they way it’s intended. 

Influence is more than just the words we say. There is an inner game of influence, and that’s where most roadblocks can be found. 

After 14 years of being a communication coach & strategist for business owners & leaders, Sharí has been behind-the-scenes, guiding knowledgable & passionate professionals through the real struggles that hold back from tapping into their true influential voice & message. 

In this program, Sharí reveals the most common influential thieves that steal opportunities & hold back well-intentioned change-makers from inspiring others to action. Audience walk away with an actionable playbook for how to confront their inner thieves & be the type of leader they know they can be.

We live in a multi-channel, multi-media marketplace – which has its pros & cons for growing thought leaders. On one hand, you can broadcast your message in just about any way imaginable. On the other hand, the options quickly become overwhelming and time-consuming with minimal results. 

In her role as communication strategist for small to medium-sized businesses, Sharí has helped service-based business owners transform their industry know-how and nuanced wisdom into scaleable thought leadership campaigns that educate and build brand awareness within niche target markets. 


In this program, audiences will learn both the creative practices and practical tools they need to create inbound marketing strategies that are not only aligned and authentic to their brand, but also scaleable for smoother sales processes. Sharí walks audiences through key self-assessments that help audience members identify the thought leadership opportunities that best suits each individual, and what they need behind-the-scenes to set themselves (and their clients) up for success. 


For organizations seeking to provide more of an individualized transformational experience, Sharí offers custom half-day to multi-day workshops. 

Sharí works with her workshop clients to identify which program (or a mix of programs) is best to meet the needs and goals you have for your audience. 

In addition to learning frameworks and techniques, audiences will benefit from the conversations Sharí facilitates – guiding groups on how to find their unique influential message and the strategies needed for making the impact they seek. 

Workshop topics can include, but are not limited to:

  • Influential VIBES: building a deeper understanding and empathy for your target audience(s) so that your message matches their experiences and desires
  • Thought Leadership SOPs: building custom strategies for inbound marketing and seamless, scaleable sales
  • Integrated Influence: a personal journey for how to be influential in an aligned and authentic way – and clearing mental roadblocks that stifle potential
  • Eventful Influence: strategies that maximize your time and efforts when attending, networking, sponsoring, and speaking at events 
  • …additional topics are available

Contact Sharí to learn how a facilitated workshop can be the education and experience your group needs to influence and impact their industry. 



“Sharí presents the nebulous concept of influence with such clarity that everyone walks away with specific steps on how to level-up their own persuasive skills…and feel inspired to do so! Everyone can learn something from her programs.”

Mary Rogers

Director of Sales / Cox Group

“Sharí is clearly an expert on influence and communication skills. She quickly engaged the audience and lead an interactive and informative session.”

Rachel Karu

Association of Training and Development

“Sharí provided some great information that I can use immediately. She kept my attention and made me laugh several times!”

Carl Foster


“Our group learned exactly how to communicate with a goal. Sharí’s practical tools for becoming a powerful influencer apply both professionally and personally.”

Tera Haramoto

LA County Women’s Conference

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