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How to Create a Pocket Dimension: A Mindful Communication Practice for Founders & Thought Leaders


Every day I reach for my phone, open Telegram, and record a voice message that gets sent into a Pocket Dimension. 

What is the Pocket Dimension?

Before I answer that, let me quickly take you back to 2012.

My Pocket Dimension Companion

I had just moved to Los Angeles and was invited to West Hollywood for a rooftop yoga session sponsored by Lululemon. (I mean, how L.A. can you get, right?!) The event wasn’t my normal “scene,” but being new to the city, I was accepting practically every invitation, in hopes of meeting people and finding friends. 

At the rooftop yoga session is where I met Sabrina.
She had an acting background. So did I.
She was an entrepreneur. So was I.
She was building her coaching practice. So was I.
She was originally from Oklahoma. So was I.

From there, our friendship clicked.

Flash forward to 6 years later. Sabrina and I were struggling through changes in our respective businesses. So, I suggested we become accountability buddies to help us reach our goals. 

Ever since then we send each other daily Telegram texts or voice messages with what we’re focusing on for the day. 

And neither of us could have anticipated what our accountability check-ins would become. 

Creating the Pocket Dimension

Within a few months of being accountability buddies, we both got curious about the tasks and projects that we would postpone, avoid, or leave half-done.

What’s the resistance about? What’s the fear? Did the project need to be reframed somehow? 

I started calling our voice memos “the Pocket Dimension (thanks for the inspo, DnD!) when we’d leave messages that started with:

“So, I just need to talk this out loud….”

What followed would be a long voice message (7-10 minutes) of talking through a challenge or frustration. The message would start a clunky as we explained the context of our struggle, our conflicting thoughts and how we felt about it all. 

But, by the end of those messages, the answer we needed would – more often than now – reveal itself.

Thanks to the Pocket Dimension, I learned the magical powers of external processing. And so, a Pocket Dimension is simply creating a space where you can slow down and hear yourself think out loud.

Pocket Dimensions: Their Priceless Value for Business Owners & Thought Leaders

Entrepreneurs and thought leaders share very similar communication goals and challenges. You’re tasked with (or called to):

  • Create a vision.
  • Communicate the vision.
  • Build steps to achieve the vision.
  • Teaching those steps.
  • Inspire and motivate others to work towards that vision.
  • Assign a value to the vision.
  • Sell the vision.

That’s a lot! That whole process is ripe with communication challenges, roadblocks, and landmines. 

Here’s how having a Pocket Dimension can help…

Hear Yourself Think, Hear Your Intuition 

The monkey brain wants to bounce…. 

…from macro to micro. 

…from professional to personal. 

…from logistical to existential. 

Sometimes, all you need is just a moment to hear yourself think. External processing in a Pocket Dimension helps you get out of your head. Kinda literally. Talking out your thoughts helps you tune into what your gut has been trying to tell you all along. 

Pattern Recognition

Consistently popping into the Pocket Dimension helps you notice underlying patterns – both good and bad.

Once you’ve avoided the same type of task enough times, you start considering ways to delegate it. 

Once you’ve struggled to get results from a team member enough times, you consider new approaches on how to connect and communicate with them. 

Once you’ve put a “game-changing” project on the back burner enough times, you get curious about what the real resistance is. (More on that coming up.)

One of the best parts about the Pocket Dimension is that it reveals what you truly enjoy doing and what you’re really good at (and should probably be doing more of). 

The Pocket Dimension helps you see what should be delegated, and where you should be putting more of your time and energy.

Seeing patterns means you can either break ’em, change ’em, or even duplicate ’em when they’re serving you!

Word Choice Awareness

Just as you pick up on patterns, you’ll also tune into your word choice. As a communication nerd, I LOVE this benefit of the Pocket Dimension.

Noticing your language patterns helps you be a more mindful communicator. 

Your words matter. When your past word choices haven’t gotten the results you’re looking for, the Pocket Dimension helps you ask: 

  • Is there a different way to describe this? 
  • What reframe could make this more enticing/fun/positive/etc?
  • Am I describing this in a way that serves me? My audience? My team? 

Understanding Resistance

This is the real game-changer right here. 

The War of Art. 

If you haven’t read it. Get it. It’s a short read. It’ll change your life. (But first, please finish reading this article. 🙂 )

In his book, Stephen Pressfield does a fantastic job of personifying one’s inner resistance. The hidden force that holds us back from doing things we know we should be doing. Especially things that could help us “level-up.” 

A Pocket Dimension can help you get clarity on what certain resistances are really about. 

  • Are you not taking action because you just don’t like the task? 
  • Is something misaligned?
  • What’s the real fear?
  • Could someone else do it?
  • Does this play to your strengths?
  • What would it look like if it were fun?

The Pocket Dimension is a place where you can be messy with your words so that your words can be intentional when you’re back in the normal space-time continuum.

3 Ways to Create Your Own Pocket Dimension

1) Start a Pocket Dimension with a trusted friend

Good Pocket Dimension partners:

  • Are Patient
  • Validate emotions and experiences
  • Share reflections that come from curiosity, not judgment
  • Encourage

That’s it! If you know someone who fits that description, share this article with them and ask if they’d like to be your Pocket Dimension Buddy.   

2) Morning Pages or Recorded Messages

You don’t have to have a partner to have a Pocket Dimension. 

I’ve shared how Morning Pages has been life-changing for me. Morning Pages can be a great Pocket Dimension. 

I’ve also found it helpful to just record audio messages to myself in Telegram. That way, I can still hear myself think out loud.

You can be your own Pocket Dimension buddy! (The last section on qualities for being a quality Pocket Dimension buddy still apply even when you’re a buddy to yourself.)

3) Coaching, Advisors, Therapy, or Masterminds

In a way, these can be Pocket Dimensions, too. They might not provide the same level of consistency, but they’re still great options for slowing down, hearing yourself think, and getting helpful reflections. 

Bottom line, the Pocket Dimension should be a place where you can be you. And in time, it can help you be your best you, too. 

Talk it out. You might be surprised at what you have to say.

Happy Influencing!

Sharí Alexander - Influence Speaker & Coach - Headshot

Sharí Alexander
Influence Speaker & Coach 

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