Communication Coaching with
Thought Leadership Strategy

Helping Industry Experts & Business Owners Elevate Their Influence

Communication coaching with thought leadership strategy

Helping Industry Experts & Business Owners Elevate Their Influence

How My clients Leverage Thought Leadership

Today’s multi-channel marketplace offers industry experts a myriad of ways to promote their brand. And for those who choose thought leadership, marketing goes hand-in-hand with educating and being of service.

Thought leaders seek to provide value first. They want to educate and elevate their industry. And in doing so, build rapport and deep connections with their target market and ideal clients.

But turning years of accumulated knowledge into signature content is a challenge. And slicing-and-dicing nuanced wisdom into snappy talking points isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Your Influential Voice within Your Industry

A thought leadership message must:


Be helpful & valuable to your
target market


Capture the attention of your
ideal clients


Position you as a knowledgeable and trusted resource


Set the stage for
future sales

That’s a lot to ask from any message, especially in today’s attention-dwindling world.

Within our Elevated í programs, I can help you craft a message that leans into your strengths, preferences, and goals. Plus, we can build a comprehensive communication strategy that utilizes your ideal blend of real-world interactions (networking, events, etc.) and online outlets that will help you further leverage your thought leadership.

What I Bring to Your Table…

As your Executive Communication Coach, it’s my job to elevate your business with:

Elevated Thought Leadership

Educate & Serve Your Target Market


Refine Your Signature Content


Repurpose & Leverage Your Industry Knowledge

Elevated Event Experiences

Power Networking Techniques


Speeches that Drive Leads


Maximize Sponsorship Opportunities


Pre-, Live, and Post-Event Strategies

Elevated Sales

Smoother Discovery Calls


Internal Communication SOPs


Profitable Proposals


Processes for Increased Referrals

Ways to Add Me to
Your Team…

Trusted Advisor

For when you’d like insights into how you can be more confident and capable in both opportunity-creating situations & leadership challenges…

Punch-Up Artist

For when you have a sneaking suspicion that, up to this point, your materials have served you well, but they might not be helping you take things to the next level…

Creative Director

For when you want someone who sees the bigger picture the same you you do and can help you execute that vision…

Project-Specific Consulting

For when you want to fix a specific problem or focus on a specific goal…

Workshop Leader

For when you and your team need to be creative and find clarity for the company’s communication initiatives…

About Sharí

Sharí’s career in communication began with a love and fascination for language. Even in our algorithm-saturated world, industry experts see the importance of understanding, connecting with, and educating *people* within their industries & target markets. Sharí uses her years of experience as a communication coach & strategist to collaboratively craft messages that do exactly that. 

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What People are Saying

“Working with Sharí has 10x my results, multiple times. I do comparisons of pre-Sharí and have tracked what we have accomplished together. Going from 2 or 3 leads at conferences to 30, 40, 50+. Thanks to her trusted advice we have increased revenue 62% YTD. Sharí has helped me craft keynote speeches that drive leads, coordinated our online and offline marketing campaigns, and helped us stand out in our industry with her creative and customer-focused strategies. I’ve happily recommended Sharí to friends and colleagues and consider her work a valued investment.”

Jeremy Neuharth
Co-founder | Sycorr


“Within the first 2 videos of Sharí’s course, I got my ROI. I have revisited Sharí’s teachings many times because they continue to provide value and insight in our sales processes. I recall Sharí’s models when I’m talking with prospects, working with customers, and as I lead my team. Her perspectives on influential communication can arguably apply in every area of business.”

Steve Keck
Sales, Culture, & Talent Consultant | Span the Chasm


“Sharí presents the nebulous concept of influence with such clarity that everyone walks away with specific steps on how to level-up their own persuasive skills…and feel inspired to do so! Everyone can learn something from her programs.”

– Mary Rogers
Directory of Sales | Cox Media Group


“Working with Sharí has 10x my results, multiple times. I do comparisons of pre-Sharí and have tracked what we have accomplished together.”

– Jeremy Neuharth
Co-founder | Sycorr

Workshops & Speeches

Sharí’s workshops & speeches can teach your team & event attendees how to be highly effective communicators with influential frameworks, mindset, and techniques, for business, leadership, and life.

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My Creativity & Productivity Tech Stack +non-tech, too

My Creativity & Productivity Tech Stack +non-tech, too

Creativity and productivity. Professional-types tend to see them as two separate things. I certainly used to.

Being creative doesn’t always feel productive – probably because creative tasks start out messy and sometimes even aimless. And our daily list of productive to-dos doesn’t often include time for “messy and aimless” creative activities.

How to Lean into Your Resistances and Knowing When You Shouldn’t Follow Good Advice

How to Lean into Your Resistances and Knowing When You Shouldn’t Follow Good Advice

It’s still hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur and coach for almost 14 years. 😳 And pretty much throughout those 14 years, I have struggled to follow one piece of very good business advice: choose a niche target market industry.

When people learn I’m a communication coach & strategist, they often ask, “Do you work with clients in any particular industry?” – which essentially translates to: who is your target market? And I’ve never really liked my answer to that question.

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