Bringing the “Dark Arts” of Influence Into the Light [with VIDEO]

I recently attended an amazing event in Los Angeles hosted by the wonderful Giovanni Marsico. It’s not too often that I get to attend conferences as only an attendee and not a speaker.

Usually, when I walk into a conference, people have a vague idea of who I am because they recognize my big curly hair from my speaker headshot listed in the conference agenda. However, at this event, I was an unknown – which meant that I had to do the normal schtick of answering the question, “So, what do you do?” 100 times.

Those of you who read my blog, see my Facebook posts, or are connected with me on LinkedIn know what it is that I do (since I regularly post influential tips and advice in those places), but I realized that I haven’t completely explained why I do it.

So, I created this video to share the reasoning behind my passion for this influential discussion.

Some people get drawn to the idea of influence because they want to be more convincing and get people to do something. To be honest, that was probably the reason behind my initial interest, as well.

But after my interviews with Master Influencers, I realized that there is a deeper problem. There is a disconnect in our world and how we communicate.

I talk about the problem in the video…

Tweet: “There is something wrong when a con-artist knows more about influence than a business leader.”  

I believe this to my core. As I mention in the video, I think that there are so many wonderful people out there, with wonderful dreams, and wonderful causes who don’t have the same skill-set, knowledge, or language around being influential.

There are so many leaders out there who are banging their head against the wall wondering why they can’t get their team motivated or on-board.

If only these kinds of people knew what to look for, how to use techniques, and when to use them, I think that more people would be able to get others excited about their ideas and projects.

Independence is great, but success is always a team effort. For every goal in life, someone has to convince someone else that their vision is a good idea and worth investing time, money, and energy. A lack of influential knowledge can mean a lack of dreams being fulfilled. 

If any of this resonates with you…
If you think that learning influential communication skills could help step up your game…
If you believe that being compelling and convincing could help you get others excited about your goals…

Then I highly recommend that you sign up for the Building Personal Influence e-course.

In this course, I give you everything I know about influential communication:
– Body language
– Profiling
– Influential Strategies
– “Closing” techniques
– And so much more…

I LOVE teaching this course (and, yes, it’s a LIVE course. Not a recording – unlike many other online courses out there.) It gives me the opportunity to interact with and teach people like you who don’t get the opportunity to attend my private corporate trainings.

Past students have said that the course helped them build their confidence. Dynamics in difficult relationships improved. Speeches and presentations come more naturally for them. And, the insights they learn about themselves has made a world of difference.

The Building Personal Influence course is made for people who are always looking to improve, who like having a competitive advantage, who love learning about the people around them, and seeing conversations in a whole new way.

I hope you check it out and I hope you join us.

If you also think that there is a disconnect between current influencers and positive influence, please share this by clicking the social media buttons below. Let’s bring some awareness to the need for more Positive Influencers!



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