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Does Your Message Strategy Need to ‘Catch Up’ to Your Level?

We live in a multi-channel marketplace, which creates unique challenges for entrepreneurs – especially those with a lean team.

You’ve earned rapport and respect from your target market. You’ve put in the time and the hustle. You’ve been the rainmaker for your business, and… you’re hitting a limit. Scaling a business means having a message strategy that lets you:

Be persuasive across multiple platforms and leverage your time better

Extract yourself from more day-to-day tasks within your marketing and sales process

Have a content creation (thought leadership) marketing strategy that maintain’s your brand’s voice and doesn’t alienate your current client base and audience

What’s Gotten in the Way?

Most entrepreneurs know what they “should” do in their sales and marketing message strategy to take their business to the next level. You’ve done your research. You understand the basics. But executing on what you know is a different story. So, what’s held you back? One (or some) of these:


The difficulty in trying to apply general sales and marketing advice to your niche business and niche target market


An overwhelming amount of marketing and sales tactics to choose from


A concern about sounding like everyone else


The roadblock of being “too close” to your brand and message


Putting off marketing & messaging projects that could scale your business; you’re only accountable to yourself

Influence Coaching:

Grow as a Business. Grow as a Leader.

Let Sharí help you become your industry’s go-to, leading service provider. This is a done-with-you coaching program. Sharí will not only be your trusted advisor, she will also work collaboratively with you. While every coaching experience is unique to the needs of the client, here are a few things you can expect from working with Sharí:

Target Market Awareness

Being influential starts with understanding your listener. We dive into the psychology of your target market – how they think, how they make decisions, and what they’re looking for from you.

Content, With a Purpose

Influence is communication with a goal. That’s why we always “start with the end in mind” with each piece of our message development.


Collaboration and Guidance

Beyond your scheduled coaching sessions, Sharí works with you on your projects – providing feedback and punch-up edits, while also giving guidance on how to enhance your systems and processes.

Professional and Personal Development

The knowledge and insights gained from this coaching program help you better understand the people around you and become a better communicator, in business and in life.

Your Wealth of Knowledge into Wealth

You’ve spent your career becoming an expert in your field. And it’s difficult to turn your vast knowledge into educational I.P. and bite-sized content. Working with Sharí, you learn the insights and processes for taking what you know and communicating it across multiple mediums.

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