Communication Coaching & Message Strategy Consulting

Let’s Talk About How You Got Here…

It’s common for coaches & consultants to work with clients that match a certain industry. My clients match a certain mentality. 

If you’re anything like my clients, you are a relationship-driven expert who has been the primary rainmaker for your business. And in doing so, you’ve built a reputation for being a trusted provider.  

But now, you find yourself running on a hamster wheel of you own creation. You’re running out of bandwidth to keep your current clients satisfied with the personal touch your brand has become known for, while also growing the business.

Scaling your expertise means leveling-up communication practices and processes. But developing those requires even more of your time, energy, and creative capacity. That is, unless you work with me.

I can help you reclaim valuable bandwidth in guiding you through creating a powerful message and behind-the-scenes processes that scale.

I consider myself fortunate to work with experts who want to elevate their influence so that they can elevate an industry.  


Grow as a Thought Leader. Grow as a Business.

How My Clients Leverage Thought Leadership

For brands that choose thought leadership, marketing goes hand-in-hand with being of service – educating and elevating your target market.

Today’s multi-channel marketplace offers a myriad of ways for niche industry experts to build rapport and connect with ideal clients.

Of course, transforming your nuanced wisdom into signature programs and snappy talking points comes with unique challenges.

And that’s where I can help…


For When Your Words Matter Most

Help your message “Catch Up” to your Expertise

Recognize & leverage your unique personal and organizational strengths

Be more persuasive across multiple platforms - both IRL & online

Maintain your brand's voice throughout all thought leadership outlets

Build stronger connections with potential buyers & current clients

Maximize your time & your message with elevated communication strategies & SOPs

A well-rounded thought leadership strategy must:


Be helpful & valuable to your
target market


Capture the attention of your
ideal clients


Position you as a knowledgeable and trusted resource


Set the stage for
future sales

Within Elevated í’s coaching and consulting programs, I can help you craft comprehensive thought leadership strategies that incorporate your ideal blend of real-world interactions (networking, events, speaking, etc.) and online content (posts, videos, automations, etc.).

Together, we can develop the message and behind-the-scenes best practices that amplify your voice, leverage your strengths, and align with your goals.


Common Struggles for Industry Experts
When Scaling a Message


Generic marketing & sales advice doesn't apply easily to your niche industry or niche target market


Facing an overwhelming amount of outlets & options for thought leadership marketing


Being a bit “too close” to your message


Concerns about sounding like “everyone else”


Weak (or broken) links in current marketing funnels &/or sales processes


Limitations in your bandwidth lead to procrastinating on practices that could level-up your business


Echos of imposter syndrome, in spite of your current successes

How Elevated í
Amplifies Your Influential Voice…

Elevated Thought Leadership

Educate & Serve Your Target Market


Refine Your Signature Content


Repurpose & Leverage Your Industry Knowledge

Elevated Event Experiences

Power Networking Techniques


Speeches that Drive Leads


Maximize Sponsorship Opportunities


Pre-, Live, and Post-Event Strategies

Elevated Sales

Smoother Discovery Calls


Internal Communication SOPs


Profitable Proposals


Processes for Increased Referrals

Ways to Add Sharí to
Your Team…

Trusted Advisor

For when you want an expert perspective on how to improve personal & professional communication so that you can maximize business opportunities & grow as a leader…

Punch-Up Artist

For when you realize your current promotional materials and processes have served you well, but now they might be holding you back from taking your brand to the next level…

Creative Director

For when you’re growing your business, but are running out of bandwidth. I can save you time I energy by being your strategic advocate & spearhead marketing & sales projects for sustainable growth…

Project-Specific Consulting

For when you want to be laser focused on a specific project, challenge, or goal…

Workshop Leader

For when you & your team desire clarity & creative solutions for your company’s communication initiatives…

4 Methods for Elevating
Your Message & Strategy:

Each Elevated í offering comes with a collaborative experience and individualized recommendations.

Influential Intensives

Influence Intensives are workshop-style collaborations.

Intensives put a spotlight on specific areas of your thought leadership strategy. Each intensive includes an audit, analysis, workshop, and recommendations for (but not limited to):

  • Profiling Your Ideal Client(s)
  • Thought Leadership Message & Strategy – including IRL & online outlets
  • Refining or Repurposing Source Materials & Signature Programs 
  • Sales Conversations & Processes
  • Communication SOPs for Client Onboarding

Influence Intensives can be designed for an individual or an executive team. (Virtual & on-site options available)


Communication ADVISORY FOR founders & Executives

Elevating a business and brand often includes elevating one’s personal communication skills, as well. If you’re wanting to “show up” at a higher level for your sales and leadership, personal coaching is a perfect fit.

As your trusted advisor, it’s my job to help you 1) gain deeper levels of clarity about your business goals & communication intentions, 2) help you see blindspots and understand your sneaky resistances, 3) create aligned solutions that help you get what you *really* want. 

One amazing benefit about communication coaching is that it pays dividends in practically all areas of your business (and life, too!). 


Strategic Consulting

Consulting packages are helpful for when you feel like you’re suffering from clunky communication practices and back-of-office speed bumps that are holding you back from taking your message and business to the next level.

With consulting, you get the benefits of coaching plus Elevated í’s team will help you execute on key projects that you’ve struggled with or have, historically, put on the back burner. Our strategic consulting will help you finally find your groove to grow.

Thought Leadership Management

Today’s industry experts must meet the demands of our multi-channel marketplace.

Thought Leadership Management is Elevated í’s most exclusive offering for clients who could “do it all,” but know they shouldn’t.

The Elevated í team and I build agile thought leadership content, funnels, and processes that compliment your thought leadership message and support your business’s “bigger picture.”

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