5 Immutable Truths about Influence

How exactly does an influential person think?

After interviewing the world’s best influencers, I’ve honed in on specific beliefs that make influential people more successful at convincing others to action. If you don’t have these beliefs, being persuasive is more difficult.

Contemplate these cornerstone beliefs that can level-up your persuasive abilities:

#1 Who You Really Control

Persuasive people are clear on one thing: the only person you can control is yourself. What can YOU change? How can YOU adjust to make your offer more intriguing?

Persuading various people requires various communication skills.

#2 Don’t Put People in a Box

When UN-influentials get frustrated in trying to persuade others, they say things like, “That’s just how he/she,” or “That’s just the way it is with that person.” This is a limiting belief. It limits your perspective, which means you’ll miss influential opportunities.

Also, remember: change is possible; it just usually takes longer than you anticipate. (See #5.)


#3 People are More Fascinating than Frustrating

When you’re fascinated by someone, you’re curious about them. You seek to understand them.

If you choose to judge someone, you make it more difficult to connect with them and build rapport.


#4 The Goal? Or Your Ego?

Persuasive people do regular “ego checks:”

Am I getting in my own way?
What stories am I telling myself about this situation?
Are those stories serving me or not?

Don’t let your ego get int the way of your mission.

#5 Influence is a Process, Not a Moment

 UN-influential people have a scarcity mindset:

“It’s now or never!”
“Opportunity only knocks once!”

Patience is an influencer’s best friend. Circumstances change. Opportunities show up in multiple ways.

Play the long game. Build stronger connections. Put in the investment in to build relationships that create opportunities for positive outcomes.

Influence starts in your mind. Be careful of harboring limiting beliefs about yourself and others. Remember these 5 beliefs to build an influential mind.

Sharí Alexander - Influence Speaker & Coach - Headshot

Happy influencing!

Sharí Alexander
Influence Speaker & Coach


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